• Alain Godet

Tarox Displays on Eizo

Tarox purchasing manager Ecevit Güneser

German PC vendor and distributor Tarox AG has unveiled a new partnership with high-end monitor vendor Eizo Europe. Matching the high-performance workstations and servers under the brand umbrella of Tarox Systeme, the Westphalian company now also supplies high-quality monitors from the world's leading manufacturer of high-end monitor solutions. Tarox and Eizo agree that the high quality standards of both companies stand for the unifying element of the cooperation. Especially those professionals who place great value on perfect display and fast real-time processing of data should rely on this combination. This makes the new offering interesting not only for all office workstation environments, but also for architects and graphic designers, industrial designers and developers, and programmers of animations for the film industry, for example. "In view of our many similarities, it was high time for this cooperation", says Joachim Schwate, Manager Distribution, Retail, Online at Eizo Europe. "Both partners have many years of experience in this country, have similar assessments of the markets and identify with their high-quality products. Our high-end monitors are an ideal match for the high-quality workstations from Tarox. In addition, there is the clear conviction that together we can still close gaps in the channel." "Like Tarox, Eizo stands for high reliability and durability", says Tarox purchasing manager Ecevit Güneser, who also underlines the similarities: "we have now optimally expanded our portfolio for professional image processing - whether for numerous applications in industry or in the creative work areas of architects, designers and animation film programmers." It is no coincidence that the Japanese word Eizo stands for picture: the monitors of this premium brand are found wherever outstanding picture quality is desired and necessary. These include hospitals, air traffic control centres, design and photo studios or architectural offices. "When people talk about Eizo, they are talking about uncompromising quality and about products that convince with the highest degree of reliability, picture quality and ergonomics", emphasises Schwate. "Due to the high quality of materials and manufacturing, Eizo offers an extra-long warranty period of five years on most models, including an on-site replacement service. The performance promise also stands for high cost-effectiveness and investment security."