TAROX Expands its Cyber Security Portfolio with LastPass

Lucas Lensig, Product Manager for Cyber Security Solutions at TAROX
Lucas Lensig, Product Manager for Cyber Security Solutions at TAROX

Lack of password security is considered one of the biggest security risks for companies. Around 80% of all data leaks are due to this. To avoid this risk, both security and control as well as a simple and convenient user experience are important in password management. For this reason, the IT manufacturer and distributor TAROX is now providing its partners with exclusive business licences for the powerful password manager LastPass. This enables specialist dealers to expand their range of products and services and offer their customers a strong plus in security.

Lucas Lensig, Product Manager for Cyber Security Solutions at TAROX, explains how the partnership with LastPass came about: "in our role as a distributor, we are always looking for the best solutions against cybercrime on the market for our specialist retail partners. In the area of password security and identity & access management, LastPass has completely convinced us. LastPass Business combines password security and control with a great deal of convenience, both in terms of integration into all existing work processes and in daily use. When you are just starting out with optimising your own online security, it can be a bit overwhelming. However, LastPass stands by the user with the security dashboard that identifies security weaknesses found in their Vault."

With LastPass, employees can generate and store secure passwords and autofill information using a browser plugin with the autofill feature. It also makes it convenient and traceable to share passwords with others in the team by providing shared folders, credentials and other information. Important here: as soon as an employee leaves the company, access can be revoked again in real time. A special highlight of LastPass' scope of services is the continuous darkweb monitoring: if sensitive data of employees turns up in this hidden part of the internet, they are immediately informed by LastPass and can initiate countermeasures.

"More than 86K companies and over 30 million active users trusting LastPass speak a clear language. That is why we are happy to further round off our holistic Cyber Security Circle with LastPass Business, which of course also includes intensive support and sales-related consulting", says Lensig. The introduction and changeover to LastPass is enormously facilitated by the seamless, automated and scalable integration option in existing user directories. For example, in the Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure AD, OneLogin or Google Workspace.

Alexander Wiediker, Tarox's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Head of Cyber Security Solutions, adds a significant advantage: "when it comes to the question 'How secure are my passwords with LastPass?", the company uses a security model based on the zero-knowledge principle. This means that LastPass never transmits or stores a master password; instead, all sensitive data is encrypted locally on the device using 256-bit AES encryption. This procedure is used by banks or the military, for example. The logic behind it is simple: if LastPass can't access customer data, neither can hackers."

As a managed service provider, partners benefit from a flexible MSP pricing model. In addition, business customers receive LastPass Families as a Benefit. With LastPass Families, employees and their families are able to live virtually anywhere and work securely from there. Each employee receives a private LastPass account and five additional licences for family members or friends. Passwords are thus always protected, thanks to LastPass.