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Tech Data Announces Availability of Tech-as-a-Service in Ireland

Mark Glasspool, services director for Tech Data Ireland and UK
Mark Glasspool, services director for Tech Data Ireland and UK

Broadliner Tech Data Ireland has made its industry-leading subscription service – which enables partners to offer their customers a package of hardware, software and services for a monthly fee.

Tech-as-a-Service provides customers with a pay-as-you-go option for all of their technology needs – whether that’s for a few laptops, or a complete infrastructure refresh or new software licenses. Partners can also offer their own services (or Tech Data service options) as part of the overall package.

For the end-user customer, this means they can invest in the latest technology and solutions right away, without having to find the capital expenditure; for partners it makes winning deals easier by providing an alternative option to outright purchase, and it means they get the full income from the sale up-front, with all the finances taken care of through the Tech-as-a-Service programme.

Quoting for Tech-as-a-Service is easy and the whole process can be managed online. The Ireland sales team has been fully trained, and Tech Data also has a specialist support team who are ready to answer questions and support on quotes and processing applications.

Mark Glasspool, services director for Tech Data Ireland and UK, said: “it’s wonderful to have Tech-as-a-Service fully available in Ireland. We’ve already had a number of enquiries and we expect to see the pipeline build-up quickly. For Irish partners, Tech-as-a-Service is a great option to put on the table, for commercial customers, for schools, and the wider public sector. As we have seen in the UK, there are a lot of organisations needing to invest in the latest tech right now, without really having the capex budget; for them, Tech-as-a-Service is the ideal solution. It’s really easy to use and we are here to support partners every step of the way.

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