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Tech Data Distributes Microsoft Consumer Products

Vít Vojtěšek, Product Marketing Director at Tech Data
Vít Vojtěšek, Product Marketing Director at Tech Data

Broadliner Tech Data has extended its partnership with Microsoft and will distribute its consumer products to retail partners in Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. Partners who are active in these countries will get the opportunity to order everything they need from one place and take advantage of the supply from the central European distribution warehouse in Bor u Tachova. The cooperation covers, for example, Xbox game consoles, Surface consumer series laptops and a wide range of Microsoft accessories. Tech Data is the only distributor in the region that covers the complete B2B and B2C portfolio of this brand.

"The newly expanded cooperation is a great advantage for us and our partners. When you cover three markets at once, you can pre-stock more products, take on more product lines and types. This allows us to supply our partners with the goods they need without unnecessary waiting and in sufficient quantities. Another advantage for partners is simplified logistics and the ability to handle everything in one place with one distributor", says Martin Madár, Director Software Eastern Europe at Tech Data.

"In all three countries, Tech Data is now one of the two preferred distributors of Microsoft retail products, and we are the only distributor in the entire region that has a comprehensive range of B2B and B2C products of this brand. This is a major step in our cooperation - we are currently the largest distributor of Microsoft products across the Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia and we want to further strengthen our cooperation", concludes Vít Vojtěšek, Product Marketing Director at Tech Data.

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