• Alain Godet

Tech Data Expands its Security Ecosystem with G2K solutions

Maximilian Wieser, Team Leader Sales of the Security, Mobility & IoT BU of Tech Data DACH

Broadliner Tech Data has expanded its ecosystem for security solutions with the SAB Solution platform from G2K. The SAB (Situational Awareness Builder) platform is a scalable IoT platform that sets standards in process automation and process optimisation, including security management for COVID 19 issues.

The G2K Group is a globally active innovation company with over seven years of expertise in the holistic linking of IoT devices, systems, algorithms and other information sources as well as the intelligent analysis of large amounts of data using artificial intelligence.

From now on, Tech Data sales partners have access to G2K's solutions within the framework of a brokerage agreement. The cross-domain solution is already being used worldwide by customers in the Smart City, Mobility, Smart Infrastructure and Future Retail sectors.

A special application of G2K is the software solution COVID Control Suite, which can be used for a central propagation analysis and monitoring. Early detection of cases and the interruption of infection chains is crucial for success in containing the spread of the virus. The end-to-end solution provides an always up-to-date picture of the situation and serves as a central monitoring, control and resource management tool for authorities and responsible persons to control the spread of the virus.

The collected data of the patients are aggregated in the SAB platform and analysed by means of Artificial Intelligence. It recognises patterns and correlations between people and places recorded. External databases can also be integrated. The solution is predestined for use in moving crowds of people at major intersections such as airports, train stations, heavily frequented public places, etc.

Maximilian Wieser, Team Leader Sales of the Security, Mobility & IoT BU of Tech Data DACH, comments on the new offer: "I am very pleased that we have been able to win a partner for our Eco system in G2K, who offers innovative solutions for process automation and process optimisation that are characterised by high performance, simple application and immediate usability. Our partners benefit in particular from the holistic integration approach in coordination with our security solution offering when communicating the solution."