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Tech Data Includes NordVPN in its ESD Portfolio

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Stefan Bichler, Director of the Business Unit One Software of Tech Data
Stefan Bichler, Director of the Business Unit One Software of Tech Data

Broadliner Tech Data has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Germany with NordVPN, a VPN manufacturer that offers desktop applications for Windows, macOS and Linux as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The company, which was only founded in 2012, is now one of the most trusted providers of data protection and security solutions with more than 14 million users and 5,300 VPN servers worldwide.

NordVPN offers access to fast, private and secure Internet - regardless of whether the VPN is to be used for desktop applications for Windows, macOS and Linux or mobile apps for Android, iOS or an Android TV application. NordVPN's services hide any online activity from curious third parties, fraudulent operators and intrusive advertisers by encrypting Internet traffic. The provider secures customer data with the latest encryption technologies and complements them with first-class VPN protocols.

Tech Data sales partners can now access the NordVPN portfolio exclusively via the InTouch online platform.

Stefan Bichler, Director of the Business Unit One Software of Tech Data, comments on the conclusion of the contract: "I am very pleased about the exclusive contract, because for me NordVPN stands for the consistent preservation of values and for well thought-out and modern product solutions, which is decisive for success in the area of security and data protection. For example, NordVPN has had the industry's first audit of its protocol-free strategy carried out by independent auditors as proof. This speaks for itself. The usability also is very user-friendly - after defining the automatic VPN connection, a single tap is sufficient to establish it. The IP address and location can be hidden and secure surfing in public WLANs or other networks is guaranteed. This is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to make public networks usable for private purposes within a secure framework."

Ignas Falc, Global Retail Channel Manager at NordVPN, commented on the new agreement: "we were looking for a partner to work with NordVPN to make the Internet a safer place for Internet users. Working with Tech Data will make cyber security and digital privacy more accessible to everyone."

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