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Tech Data Launches OpenMPS Platform to Make Managed Print Services Easier to Use

Marc Grunnagel, Director of the Print Business Unit at Tech Data France
Marc Grunnagel, Director of the Print Business Unit at Tech Data France

Broadliner Tech Data France is offering a dedicated platform for its reseller partners to create and grow their managed print services business. The OpenMPS program is designed to provide resellers with a simple and affordable, vendor-neutral solution to manage their end-customer's printing equipment.

"With OpenMPS, resellers can quickly grow their managed print services business", said Marc Grunnagel, Director of the Print Business Unit at Tech Data France. "Tech Data OpenMPS is totally flexible and not vendor specific. This means that our partners can offer these services to all their end customers, easily and at the best price, while securing and developing their consumables business to significantly increase their revenue and profits."

To join the OpenMPS programme and start offering these services to their end customers, resellers simply need to request access via the contact form available on Tech Data OpenMPS. Once access has been granted, they can quickly set up the automation of print consumables deliveries to their customers.

The end user only needs to install Tech Data's Data Collector Agent (DCA) software on their network, which is delivered by their reseller through the easily downloadable OpenMPS platform and is available in Windows, Macintosh and Linux versions.

Tech Data will then proactively monitor print materials and ship new consumables, even before they run out, directly to the end customer. Partners will then receive a consumption report, details of what has been shipped to their customers and the corresponding invoice.

The final step will be for the reseller to invoice their end customers for the managed service offered. OpenMPS reseller partners will benefit from terms negotiated by Tech Data with manufacturers, enabling them to increase their margins.

All major printer manufacturers represented by Tech Data (Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark and Xerox) are covered by the OpenMPS program. There are no volume commitments or multi-year contracts.

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