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Tech Wise Solutions Appointed as Zecurion Distributor for Africa

Garry Kondakov, director for African business at Tech Wise Solutions
Garry Kondakov, director for African business at Tech Wise Solutions

Zecurion has awarded security and storage VAD Tech Wise Solutions distribution rights for its products on the African continent.

Garry Kondakov, director for African business at Tech Wise Solutions, said: "as a progressive supplier of modern IT security technology, Tech Wise’s relationship with Zecurion will allow it to provide leading-edge data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to the discerning African market. DLP is a hot topic, and has exponentially grown in importance since the acceleration of the work-from-home drive prompted by global lockdowns and social distancing policies. As more organisations and companies encourage the remote work approach for employees, we expect to see increasing dependence on technology that will provide all stakeholders with an added level of data protection.

Zecurion is recognised by Gartner, IDC and Forrester as a provider of superior data protection technology, and earlier this year the company was acknowledged by SC Magazine as a Recommended provider in the publication’s most reputable cybersecurity edition.

Zecurion DLP provides more functionalities relevant to internal security, internal fraud prevention and forensic investigations, when compared to other DLP systems that are typically intended only for the purpose of compliance and protection from data leaks”, added Kondakov.

Zecurion DLP helps adopting organisations to increase customer confidence by ensuring complete control of corporate data transfer. Using 10 innovative technologies for analysis, Zecurion DLP is able to identify and block possible data leaks in real-time across all channels. This allows companies and organisations to respond quickly to any potential data breaches for complete peace of mind.

We are currently seeking best-fit partners and resellers throughout Africa. Desirable characteristics we are looking for include deep cybersecurity expertise and a predominant focus on selling Zecurion solutions. In order to equip these companies for success, Tech Wise Solutions will ensure best-in-class enablement and comprehensive support from our sales, marketing and technical teams”, concluded Kondakov.

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