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TechnoIT Signs a New Partnership with ADB

Stefano Magagni, Commercial Director of Technoit SpA
Stefano Magagni, Commercial Director of Technoit SpA

Technoit SpA, an Italian distributor of technology products and tailored solutions based near Lake Como, has signed a new partnership with Advanced Digital Broadcast SA - ADB, a world leader in the provision of ICT solutions, including high-performance hardware devices, reliable software products, and tools for the advanced management of broadband networks and broadcasting of the television signal of telephone and pay-TV operators.

Technoit SpA will be responsible for the exclusive distribution of ADB products under the i-CAN brand name throughout the domestic market, thus expanding its catalogue with two new product categories: television decoders and broadband gateways products.

The new i-CAN decoders, for digital terrestrial and high-definition digital satellite, in addition to meeting the new broadcasting standards, offer a next-generation home entertainment experience: high-definition video, interactive services, simple and intuitive menus with reliable and easy-to-use receivers.

The networking product catalogue, on the other hand, will include a broadband gateway enhanced with the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology to ensure maximum coverage, minimise response time latency and support multiple devices at the same time, optimal features for streaming gaming and making online investments, with maximum reliability and signal stability.

Malgorzata Boron-Ott, COO and Deputy CEO of ADB, says: "our popular i-CAN product portfolio is now extended with the latest generation of Wi-Fi broadband gateways, so efficient distribution across the Italian market will be essential for us. We look forward to a successful collaboration with Technoit SpA to bring the innovative potential of i-CAN products to end users."

Stefano Magagni, Commercial Director of Technoit SpA, underlines the importance of this new partnership: "we are excited about this new project with one of the biggest market leaders, which sees a further enrichment for our catalogue. We are always attentive to the trends in the Consumer Electronics market and this new product range is aligned with the imminent change in TV broadcasting mode to the DVB-T2 standard."

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