• Alain Godet

TERRA Computer France Sees Double-Digit Growth in 2020

Ben Gayer, Managing Director of Terra Computer

French B2B distributor TERRA Computer, a subsidiary of German group Wortmann AG, has been growing steadily since its creation in France more than 15 years ago. With a turnover of €52 million in 2020, its growth is again up, by 13%, compared to the previous year. The distributor's target for 2021 is to reach an 8% growth. The growth in 2020 is mainly driven by the sale of The growth in 2020 is mainly driven by the sale of mobile products, in connection with the massive use of remote working/home office.

"2020 has been a very special year and we have experienced some very turbulent times. But we have But we have faced up to it with our teams, and we are coming out of it even better, with a turnover We are coming out of this even stronger, with a turnover that exceeds our objectives", says Ben Gayer, Managing Director of Terra Computer.

Sales figures for mobile products have increased significantly in 2020 with a growth of +50%, now accounting for half of TERRA Computer's turnover. "The products needed for remote working have obviously driven TERRA Computer's growth in 2020, especially tablets and 2020, especially tablets and notebooks, a range that was expanded by 8 new products last year", Ben Gayer continues.

Sales of desktop PCs have remained stable and thanks to the Windows Server 2019 training that TERRA Computer offers to its reseller partners, server sales have increased by 10% in volume. in volume.

The Wortmann AG Group, which has been in business for more than 30 years, posted sales of 985 million last year, an increase of 9.4 percent over 2019. With its 600 employees, it supports more than 15,800 resellers and NSEs.

This steady growth in a sector as difficult as IT is the result of the group's special policy: financial independence that of the group's special policy: financial independence that makes decision-making easier, a network of resellers network of resellers considered as true partners and product assembly exclusively in Europe. exclusively in Europe.

All TERRA solutions are assembled in a 50,000 sqm industrial and technical site in Hüllhorst, Germany. With its customised assembly service (BTO), TERRA Computer's customised assembly service (BTO) enables customers to obtain a customised configuration for each product, regardless of the number of units, for any number of units.