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The Partner Sales in the Cloud with Ingram Micro

Paul Hermans, Sales Director Ingram Micro Cloud
Paul Hermans, Sales Director Ingram Micro Cloud

Dutch broadliner Ingram Micro has started a partnership with The Partner Sales. The Partner Sales will be the connecting factor in a new Dynamics ecosystem. New Dynamics IT-partners and Dynamics IT-partners who want to grow their business, can use this ecosystem to easily, professionally and well meet the Dynamics demand of their end customers. With its knowledge and experience in all Dynamics products, The Partner Sales will further dissect the specific question about ERP or CRM of the end customer, so that the IT partner can offer the right Dynamics product to his end customer. Subsequently, Ingram Micro Cloud and The Partner Sales will look at which experienced Dynamics party can best be linked to this specific Dynamics project. So that the application of the product is also carried out in the right way and that the end customer is satisfied and well served.

"At Ingram Micro Cloud we have the vision to build the largest cloud ecosystem in the world. We don't just do this together with our partners. In this rapidly changing society, it is not possible to operate alone and it is good to look for the right partnerships. This is already fully applicable in the world of Business Applications. The knowledge in this cloud branch is very specific and difficult to gather. In order to provide our partners with this specialist knowledge quickly and effectively, we at Ingram Micro Cloud have decided to join forces with the knowledge party The Partner Sales. With this we hope to better support our current Dynamics partners in the field of Dynamics and support. With this cooperation we hope to help our current Azure and Microsoft 365 partners to set up this new business", said Paul Hermans, Sales Director Ingram Micro Cloud.

The ecosystem is designed to link Ingram Micro's IT partners with Dynamics so that they can grow together. This will allow partners who have not yet acquired Dynamics knowledge to meet the demand of their end customer and thus maintain their customer's business. This without first having to gather all knowledge about CRM or ERP. Experienced Dynamics IT partners get the opportunity to use their expertise and do Dynamics business with us. The revenue generated from this collaboration is divided fairly between the two partners.

"The journey towards finding the right partner started more than a year ago. And in the meantime, we have had many conversations. With Ingram Micro Cloud, I sincerely believe that we can distinguish ourselves in the way we support Dynamics partners and accelerate their business. We do this by delivering new business, premium support, leads, telemarketing campaigns and many more benefits. For us, this partnership is the beginning of our journey through Europe and it will certainly not be the end of it", says Peter de Bruin, Director at The Partner Sales.

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