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Two new Brands for Alltron

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Mauro Soldati, Head of Business Unit IT & Telco at Alltron

The entire product portfolio of the two renowned brands Belkin and Linksys is now available from Swiss broadliner Alltron. Starting with the top sellers, the Aargau-based distributor is continuously expanding its stock range so that specialist trade partners benefit from good availability and fast deliveries.

"Thanks to the cooperation with Alltron, we are able to reach a spectrum of specialist trade customers that only Alltron can provide in this breadth. This opens up additional exciting market potential for us", says Olivier Riedel, Key Account Manager at FIT-Belkin.

Alltron already has both brands in its product range. Alltron now purchases Belkin and Linksys directly from the manufacturer. "By distributing the two brands, we can offer our trade partners a wider selection of technically innovative products at more attractive prices and with better availability than before", says Mauro Soldati, Head of Business Unit IT & Telco at Alltron. "Belkin is always convincing with its ability to bring accessories of good workmanship to the market, while Linksys has become one of the most popular brands for network peripherals thanks to its technically advanced products."

New products that Swiss retailers will soon be able to buy from stock at Alltron:

  • Belkin Audio SOUNDFORM Elite Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger: HiFi speakers with Google speech assistant and fast wireless charging function.

  • Belkin Mobile Power GaN Chargers, Wireless Chargers, Power Banks: Chargers based on gallium nitride allow fast charging in much smaller enclosures than conventional chargers.

  • Linksys Aware Wellness Pods and Vehicle Presence Detection: Linksys provides health and motion tracking without the need for wearables or cameras, solely based on a WiFi mesh network.

  • Linksys 5G and WiFi 6: Linksys presented various 5G devices at CES as well as the two WiFi 6 systems MR9600 and Velop AX4200.

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