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Unique Collaboration between Tech Data and Pocos

Suzette Oskam, Director Endpoint Solutions of Tech Data

Broadliner Tech Data Nederland has entered into a unique partnership with Dutch connectivity, telephony, mobile and cloud service provider/distributor Pocos. Tech Data has included the services of Pocos in its portfolio, making it the only distributor in the market offering a total connectivity solution.

Tech Data has a broad portfolio of hardware, software, services and connectivity of all major telecom providers. Business partners of Tech Data that want to sell a connectivity service from Pocos enter into a reseller agreement with Pocos, while Tech Data provides 1st line support. This includes sales, order support and technical support. As always, Pocos provides 2nd and 3rd line support.

For Tech Data, the advantages are obvious. Suzette Oskam, Director Endpoint Solutions of Tech Data, explains: "the services of Pocos are complementary to our existing portfolio. The partnership with Pocos allows us to offer white-label services to our business partners in addition to the connectivity of all major providers. This is interesting in more ways than one: until now, business partners have purchased the white-label services elsewhere. In addition, we are the only distributor that can provide a complete connectivity solution."

The cooperation with Tech Data can be called quite unique. Jelle de Bruijn, Senior Business Partner Manager at Pocos, adds: "Tech Data is a major player worldwide and Pocos is the only supplier of white-label services that delivers via a distributor. A team of Tech Data account managers will actively offer our services to their business partner channel. They also have their own team, which has a longstanding focus on connectivity. Because this knowledge is abundant, the cooperation will focus on this in the first instance. An additional advantage for us is that the cooperation will contribute to the brand awareness of Pocos in the market."

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