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VAD Technologies Announces Agreement with Cohesity

Mario M. Veljovic, General Manager at VAD Technologies
Mario M. Veljovic, General Manager at VAD Technologies

Network and security VAD VAD Technologies has unveiled a partnership with Cohesity, a leader in next-gen data management solutions.

VAD Technologies will use their strong Partner Ecosystem across the Region to bring Cohesity’ s Next-Gen Data Management Solutions to customers across the Middle East. This will enable organisations to radically simplify how they manage their data, and will help them to develop cyber resilience so they can quickly defend and if needed, rapidly recover data in the event of a cyberattack.

Cohesity joins our technology portfolio at the right time, as we are constantly acquiring disruptive next generation technologies to ensure that our Partners can always offer the latest and in demand solutions to their clients”, said Mario M. Veljovic, General Manager at VAD Technologies. “Businesses across the region have learned that it’s crucial to protect their business from sophisticated ransomware attacks with a sophisticated Threat Defence architecture. We are excited to partner with Cohesity and promote the Industry’s First Comprehensive Next Gen Data Management Platform that goes beyond zero trust.

In this partnership with VAD, we can address our customers’ number one concern today, developing cyber resilience against cyberattacks like ransomware”, said Gregg Petersen, Regional Director Middle East and Africa at Cohesity. “VAD Technologies has a proven track record of working with Disruptive Technologies and that is one of the key reasons why we feel so excited about this Partnership. With their significant footprint in the public and enterprise markets, the team at VAD serves an important and already established partner ecosystem.

VAD Technologies joins Cohesity’s world-class network of globally connected partners and alliances.

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