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Veracomp Distributes Guardicore

Damian Kozłowski, Guardicore Product Manager at Veracomp
Damian Kozłowski, Guardicore Product Manager at Veracomp

Polish multispecialist Veracomp, part of French VAD group Exclusive Networks, has expanded its portfolio with products from Guardicore, a manufacturer of security solutions for modern data centres, cloud and hybrid environments.

Guardicore focuses on protecting the critical resources of an organisation using microsegmentation mechanisms. Thanks to the applied algorithms, it offers a very effective way to minimise the attack area. It provides tools to visualise flows in virtualised environments, as well as to detect violations and respond to incidents.

"Many organisations are largely focused on providing vertical protection, recognising the dangers coming mainly from outside the organisation. However, real time insight is just as important as historical analysis of east-west traffic, which allows for the rapid identification, analysis and elimination of many of the threats that have not yet been seen. It is also a major challenge to ensure security for virtual environments and clouds, and it is precisely the technologies offered by the Israeli manufacturer that help to solve these problems", says Damian Kozłowski, Guardicore Product Manager at Veracomp.

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