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Veracomp Goes Finally Exclusive Networks Technology Romania

Mariusz Kochanski, CEO of Exclusive Networks Technology Polska and Romania
Mariusz Kochanski, CEO of Exclusive Networks Technology Polska and Romania

Since 15 June 2022, network and security VAD Veracomp - Exclusive Networks Romania is operating under the name Exclusive Networks Technology Romania. This change is the culmination of a process initiated in August 2020, related to the acquisition of Polish Veracomp SA by the global VAD Exclusive Networks.

In January 2021, Veracomp SA, an IT distributor in 18 countries in Central and Eastern Europe with over 30 years of experience, completed the sale of its assets to Exclusive Networks Group. Since then, the Romanian distributor has operated under the name Veracomp - Exclusive Networks Romania. The completion of this transaction was one of the most important elements of the distributor's global expansion and a unique opportunity for success in this part of Europe.

The final stage of the acquisition process was completed on 15 June. The new name was registered at the National Trade Registry Office and the company is now operating in Romania as Exclusive Networks Technology Romania. The changes are also introduced by the other subsidiaries, abroad, previously belonging to the Veracomp group. The tax attributes of the company remain unchanged.

Joining forces with a global distributor, Veracomp, which from today will be called Exclusive Networks Technology Romania, has a unique operating model: local sales on a global scale. It ensures the exchange of experience with experts around the world and a stable development in international structures. At the same time, it guarantees independence, closeness to partners, direct commercial and technical support from people who know the market and speak the local language.

"When we announced our intention to join the global group of Exclusive Networks a year and a half ago, we knew it was a big responsibility for us, but we were convinced that the Veracomp team would successfully meet the new challenges. It has proven it on countless occasions. Exclusive Networks Technology Romania is created by the same competent specialists, some of whom have been connected to the company from the very beginning. As before, our priority will be to advise and support our business partners and their customers with knowledge and experience. We are committed to maintaining a culture of trust and partnership. We also intend to constantly fulfill our mission, which is to build trust in technology and the digital transformation process", says Mariusz Kochanski, CEO of Exclusive Networks Technology Romania.

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