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WALLIX Iberica Accelerates Development by Signing with Tech Data

Santiago Méndez, Director of Advanced Solutions at Tech Data
Santiago Méndez, Director of Advanced Solutions at Tech Data

WALLIX, a European software company providing cybersecurity solutions and specialist in identity and access security, is accelerating the development of its Spanish subsidiary, WALLIX Iberica, by signing a partnership agreement with infrastructure VAD Tech Data Advanced Solutions España. Only one year after its official launch, this partnership agreement marks a turning point in the subsidiary's development. WALLIX Iberica, with the help of its network of partners, resellers, and integrators, and now also thanks to Tech Data, covers the entire territory of Spain.

One year in, WALLIX Iberica is growing, despite the pandemic. WALLIX Iberica's business model, like WALLIX's, is an indirect sales model though a Channel program. WALLIX solutions are sold through a worldwide network of 316 partners (distributors, reseller integrators, Global Systems Integrators, and consulting firms). WALLIX now covers 80% of the global market thanks to its partners, a target set in 2018 following the launch of the Ambition 21 development plan. WALLIX Iberica's partners benefit from the same support system - the Business Partner Program - as all of WALLIX's global partners.

With its existing partner network, and now also thanks to Tech Data, WALLIX Iberica now addresses the entire market in Spain. As a distributor, Tech Data works with more than 6,000 resellers and integrators serving thousands of customers nationwide. This partnership will enable the group to exponentially increase distribution of WALLIX solutions, and to provide Spanish companies all its expertise in Access and Identity security.

In signing the partnership agreement with Tech Data, WALLIX Iberica aligns with the group's Channel strategy, strengthening its position in WALLIX's key sectors: Industry, Healthcare, and Financial services, which were particularly affected by cyberattacks during the pandemic. To address these key markets, WALLIX Iberica will rely on Tech Data's reseller and integrator network, particularly those which specialise in Operational Technology (OT) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP).

"With the increase in cyberattacks, securing access to corporate data and protecting digital identities (of employees, partners, service providers, etc.) has never been more important. To meet these challenges, Tech Data, as the leading IT distributor in Europe, must offer the best solutions on the market, such as WALLIX's portfolio of unified solutions. With WALLIX's strong technical and commercial skills and Tech Data's leadership, together we will empower all Spanish companies to regain control of access to their data (desktops, servers, cloud, industrial networks, etc.)", explains Santiago Méndez, Director of Advanced Solutions at Tech Data.

In the coming months, recruitment will be the number one priority for WALLIX Iberica. To support Channel development, and with the addition of Tech Data to the Business Partner Program, WALLIX Iberica will need to reinforce its sales team to support the upcoming projects which will surely be added to the list of customer references, alongside RIU hotels, the software company Proconsi, or even Consorcio de Aguas de Bilbao, a public sewerage network.

With a bolstered sales team, the goal will be to increase the number of partners in Latin America. As a market with significant potential, it is key for WALLIX Iberica to position itself as a leader in Latin America. The region is in the process of closing the digital divide with the OECD, as the pandemic accelerated digital transformation and has enabled Latin America to experience a level of digitalisation that was not expected for another 3 years. According to Inter-American Development Bank, cybercrime costs Latin American countries $90 billion a year, almost 1.6% of the region's GDP. Cybersecurity will quickly become a priority for Latin American organisations and governments.

The strength and uniqueness of WALLIX Iberica is its R&D center, specialising in endpoint security. WALLIX Iberica developed WALLIX BestSafe, an Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) solution which protects all endpoints in a company's IT infrastructure. WALLIX BestSafe completes the WALLIX portfolio of unified solutions. The R&D center's focuses on developing new and advanced features of WALLIX BestSafe to continually strengthen enterprise security.

"Just one year after the announcement of WALLIX Iberica, the partnership agreement with Tech Data reflects the team's dedication and investment in the subsidiary's development. This partnership is also a recognition of our expertise in access and identity security in Spain. This joint commitment will enable us to accelerate WALLIX Iberica's development throughout the country", says Xavier Lefaucheux, VP Sales Operations - Western Europe & Global Channel at WALLIX.

"The growth of WALLIX Iberica is grounded in the quality of its product offering, the support of the local team, and the effectiveness of the development strategy, based on a strong network of resellers and specialised integrators. After signing new partnerships such as Arrow ECS in the United States, Tech Data Advanced Solutions in Germany and the United Kingdom and now also in Spain. These important partnerships with market leaders enable WALLIX to accelerate international growth, leading to presence in the main markets of the world, such as Spain. WALLIX and its subsidiary WALLIX Iberica cover all sectors of activity, especially sensitive sectors including industry, healthcare, the public sector and financial services, which were particularly affected by cyberattacks during the pandemic", adds Jean-Noël de Galzain, Founder & CEO of WALLIX.

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