• Alain Godet

Watsoft Distributes BlackFog

Oleg Bivol, president of Watsoft

French software VAD Watsoft has unveiled a new partnership with American company BlackFog. A cyber security and private data protection solution, BlackFog blocks data exfiltration thanks to a multi-layered approach to security that detects cyber threats in real time. "With BlackFog, Watsoft can offer a new, complementary security solution that bridges the gap between security solutions that focus on prevention. Data protection is a major concern for businesses and BlackFog offers a solution that can meet today's data privacy and security requirements", said Oleg Bivol, president of Watsoft. BlackFog Privacy protects against spyware, malware, phishing, unauthorised data collection and profiling. BlackFog blocks more than 24 million threats on mobile and desktop devices worldwide, protecting corporate data and privacy and strengthening corporate compliance with the DPR. The solution is also available in MSP mode by providing a centralised threat management console that allows management of the entire customer base by group. BlackFog is designed to combat the growing number of cyber threats to personal and business data. Indeed, BlackFog Privacy consists of 12 layers of defence that protect against increasingly sophisticated attacks, allowing devices to be used with confidence. For BlackFog, this new collaboration with Watsoft represents a real opportunity to reinforce their success in Europe by establishing themselves in French-speaking countries thanks to our growing network of resellers. The determination of this new publisher bodes well for the continuation of the partnership. "BlackFog is enthusiastic to enter the French market thanks to our partnership with Watsoft. Watsoft has been providing software solutions to SMBs since 2001 and we are convinced that they are the right partner to ensure our continued success in EMEA", said Dr Darren Williams, CEO and founder of BlackFog. "We are pleased to become one of their trusted brands and look forward to introducing BlackFog Privacy to their large and growing customer base in French speaking countries."