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Watsoft on the Beachhead

Oleg Bivol, President of Watsoft
Oleg Bivol, President of Watsoft

French network and security VAD Watsoft has unveiled a new partnership with Californian company Beachhead Solutions, whose SimplySecure platform allows to secure and encrypt mobile terminals and devices from a single web console. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can easily deploy and remotely manage device protection.

"With SimplySecure, Watsoft extends its range of security solutions with a complete cloud-based security and encryption solution. This solution adds real value to our Managed Service Provider (MSP) product portfolio with the rapid deployment and easy management offered by Beachhead's SimplySecure for MSPs. In addition, in light of current events and the increasing number of telecommuters, there is a need to ensure device security with an effective mobile device protection solution such as SimplySecure", said Oleg Bivol, President of Watsoft.

Beachhead Solutions offers a multi-tenant security system with a single web-based console. SimplySecure is the only web-managed endpoint security system that can enforce encryption and security policy, including erasure of data at risk, on Windows and Mac PCs, iPhones and iPads, Android mobile devices and USB storage devices from a unified and customisable management console.

What's more, the system offers fast deployment and easy management, designed even for a one-person IT team. Subscriptions are activated via the cloud, so there is no hardware or software infrastructure to purchase, install or support. So all you need is an internet connection to securely access your management console from anywhere. Updates are easy and adding a license is managed at any time.

For Beachhead Solutions, this new partnership represents a great opportunity for growth. With a perfect knowledge of the MSP market, Beachhead is counting on Watsoft as a distributor to extend its presence in the French-speaking market. "With the evolution of data security threats - as well as the continued pressure to ensure compliance with RGPD standards - MSPs and MSSPs understand that it is more critical than ever to provide customers with effective encryption for PCs and mobile devices", said Cam Roberson, Vice President, Channel Sales at Beachhead Solutions. "Not only does our platform, SimplySecure for MSPs, meet strict compliance rules, but is also designed to provide tangible and cost-effective benefits to MSPs, such as remote data access control, intelligent key management and comprehensive reporting. We welcome our new partnership with Watsoft, a long-time distributor of core and complementary technologies that truly understands the industry and what MSPs need to succeed. We are delighted to see 'SimplySecure for MSPs' expand into France, Switzerland and Belgium through our new collaboration with Watsoft."

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