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Westcoast Extends Support to Retailers with Westcoast Entertainment division

Carl Oxley, Managing Director Westcoast Retail
Carl Oxley, Managing Director Westcoast Retail

Building upon more than three decades of distribution expertise, British broadliner Westcoast is proud to announce a further expansion into the retail sector, supporting major businesses and supermarkets with a constant flow of entertainment products, such as CDs, DVDs, Gaming software and books, they need.

The new Westcoast Entertainment division provides a simplified supply chain to retailers, managing procurement, category management, shipping, warehousing and delivery, along with a range of value-add services, such as marketing and eCommerce. It can also react quickly to meet evolving customer needs, with a continuously growing and evolving operation to support a constantly changing retail landscape.

Westcoast Entertainment will ensure that all merchandising, logistics and inventory management, including product lifecycle needs are met and exceeded, while maintaining a simpler management system for retailers.

As the largest distributor of B2B technology in the UK, this is a natural step for Westcoast, taking advantage of the significant warehouse space available across the country. We believe that our expertise will be of significant benefit to retailers, who will be able to simplify their entertainment supply chains to a single link.

Carl Oxley, Managing Director Westcoast Retail, said: “I’m very excited by the new offering Westcoast Entertainment provides to our retail customers. We’ve always taken great pride in providing exemplary service and opening new doors for our customers. Westcoast Entertainment will allow us to keep doing just that.


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