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Westcoast Offers Educational Kano PC Laptops to Resellers

Alex Tatham, CEO of Westcoast
Alex Tatham, CEO of Westcoast

Broadliner Westcoast has become the first distributor in Ireland and the United Kingdom to offer devices from creative computing company Kano to resellers within the education sector and beyond.

Kano produces innovative, educational products, including its core Kano PC that allows children from ages 6 and up to construct, power-on and learn about their very own Windows 10 laptop by following an illustrative story book.

To further enhance the user experience, Kano has also designed a range of hardware accessories and software add-ons, including a 1080p Webcam, Bluetooth Headphones and a buildable Mouse.

Additionally, Kano has created a 40-lesson standard-aligned creative computing curriculum, as well as a professional development video series, empowering educators to effectively bring technology into today’s classroom. Both the curriculum and the Kano PC are Authenticated Educational Products.

Speaking enthusiastically about the new partnership, Alex Tatham, CEO of Westcoast, said: “I am thrilled to team up with Kano in order to provide their exciting products to schools up and down the country. At Westcoast, we make no secret of the fact that we want to inspire younger generations to engage in STEM subjects, and this is an ideal way to do that. The Kano PC is an exciting product that could help advance education in the UK.

Speaking about the potential of the brand, Alex Klein, Co-founder & CEO of Kano, commented: "as technology’s role in education has continued to evolve and grow in influence, Kano has remained steadfast in its mission to deliver more meaningful, accessible and sustainable devices.

Alexander Mitchell, Senior Vice President of Business for Kano, added: "as a London-based company, Kano is especially invested in helping students across the UK build their digital skills and prepare for the next-generation workplace. Together with Westcoast, we’re now able to deliver more meaningful, accessible and sustainable devices in our own backyard, while also empowering students, parents and teachers at a time when sweeping changes are taking place in education.

As an end-to-end solution for the next generation, the Kano PC is changing the face of education technology by providing teachers with new, engaging ways to introduce computing concepts, Windows knowledge, and coding skills to students.

Westcoast’s years of experience in delivering devices for use in schools, universities and other educational institutions enable the distributor to provide specialised guidance and services to help resellers and their customers get the most out of Kano.

Kano Education products are valuable learning tools for classrooms and homeschools alike, with self-led learning that gives children the confidence and computer literacy they need to prosper in an increasingly digital world.

Further models and accessories will become available to resellers as they are released, with the first accessory, the Kano Webcam, due for arrival in the coming days.

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