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Westcon France Accelerates its Growth

Sébastien Asseman, Director of Westcon France
Sébastien Asseman, Director of Westcon France

Westcon-Comstor, the leading international technology distributor, is accelerating its growth and confirming its position as a leading specialist in France for datacentre, infrastructure, collaboration and security through the arrival of fifteen new employees, the launch of two new brands in the catalogue and the establishment of an organisation with middle management.

Since the beginning of the year, Westcon has been aligning itself with its goal of being a key distributor in the areas of artificial intelligence, cloud, cybersecurity, IoT, SD-WAN, video and audio and more, and has put significant resources into achieving this:

  • 15 new employees to strengthen all its departments (sales, technical, product, marketing) and thus accelerate the satisfaction of its customers and suppliers

  • 2 new brands in the catalogue (Anomali, cybersecurity based on artificial intelligence, and CrowdStrike, an endpoint protection platform in the cloud) in order to remain at the forefront of technological innovation and offer leading solutions to its customers

  • 5 middle management employees to provide even more added value: Hang Wu (head of CheckPoint Infoblox, Infovista and SilverPeak team), Philippe Grosbois (head of the Palo Alto Networks team), Thierry Lageon (head of the Collaborative and Networking Solutions team), Hamza Sahli (head of the pre-sales engineering team) and Patricia Mazzanti (head of the marketing team)

"The mission of this middle management team is to support our employees in their development and to manage the many large-scale projects that await us. In addition to their experience and skills, these managers are recruited for their adaptability and sense of responsibility, their autonomy and their ability to build and innovate on a variety of projects, while supervising teams", explains Magalie Vintousky, Westcon France Product Director.

"In 2021, Westcon will reach a new milestone in its dynamic. We have put in place the human resources to send a strong message to the retail market. Westcon France is an essential player in meeting the needs of resellers", adds Sébastien Asseman, Director of Westcon France.

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