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Westnet Expands in Poland

Westnet's CEO George Daviotis
Westnet's CEO George Daviotis

Greek broadliner Westnet has launched its business in the Polish market with the establishment of a subsidiary in Poland, Westnet Distribution Poland Sp. z o.o.

After a highly successful track record in Greece for over 15 years and a significant expansion in Cyprus in 2017, thus meeting the needs of the Cyprus market with a local presence, Westnet is now taking a new big step by opening in Poland, a major European market. The company's presence in Poland starts with its consumer battery business, aiming to increase market share in a product category where Westnet has demonstrated a strong footprint in recent years.

Today, Westnet is the world's leading distributor of Toshiba consumer batteries and exclusive dealer in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, reflecting its strong extroversion and multinational character. In this context, the new expansion is part of the company's strategic plan for further growth in new geographies, with the aim of offering its Polish customers the added value that has made it a reliable partner in more than 60 countries in EMEA.

At the same time, it is expected to further strengthen its position through synergies in the other product categories in which it operates. With competitive products, value-added services and excellent customer service, Westnet's vision is to lead the developments in the marketing and distribution of products and services by developing mutually beneficial relationships with its partners.

Westnet's CEO George Daviotis said: "now, we continue to dynamically implement our strategic plan, investing in growth in new markets abroad. We believe in the potential of the Polish market and our primary goal is to provide quality services to our partners, increasing their competitiveness and contributing to their growth."

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