XMCO entrusts the distribution of Yuno, its cyber intelligence service, to MIEL

Jean-Baptiste Pommé, Managing Director of MIEL
Jean-Baptiste Pommé, Managing Director of MIEL

XMCO, a French publisher of cybersecurity monitoring solutions, and network and security VAD MIEL have signed a new distribution agreement for the Yuno solution in France.

The threat landscape has never evolved as quickly as it does today. In order to follow the evolution of vulnerabilities and the cyber environment, XMCO offers Yuno, a personalised monitoring service, the result of 20 years of experience.

Yuno helps companies in their monitoring process, which is often complex or done in an artisanal way. The experts collect, qualify and deliver daily information concerning the appearance of new vulnerabilities and threats affecting the Information Systems of our customers. Risk-oriented, this service has an action monitoring platform, customised according to the needs and uses of each company.

"No company can ignore the security alerts that Yuno delivers almost daily. The choice of Miel as Yuno's distributor was obvious: its network will enable it to distribute our alerts to the greatest number of people, and in particular to medium-sized companies. The technical skills of Miel's teams will constitute a formidable relay to apprehend Yuno and optimise its use", explains Marc Behar, CEO of XMCO.

MIEL, a specialist in cybersecurity products for more than 15 years, notably around the brands of Palo Alto Networks, BeyondTrust, Forescout, Vade, Illumio, Citrix, Rapid7, thus adds a monitoring system that its partners will be able to use to enrich their offers of support for the digital security teams of their customers. They will give them access to the latest news on threats that are likely to target them in particular.

"Cybersecurity teams are inundated with information all the time. They need a place to concentrate reports that are relevant to their use cases, their equipment, their industry... That's why we believe that Yuno will be an extremely useful addition to the offerings of our reseller and MSP partners", explains Jean-Baptiste Pommé, Managing Director of MIEL.

The Yuno service relies on the CERT-XMCO team of experts. The collaborative portal and customised bulletins provided in the Yuno offer benefit from the monitoring of more than 1500 technologies and editors and more than 1000 different sources of information, all written in French and English.