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ZeroFox in Alliance with Ingecom over Southern Europe

Javier Modúbar, CEO of Ingecom
Javier Modúbar, CEO of Ingecom

ZeroFOX, the world leader in protection solutions against digital risks, has taken a further step in its objective of covering the European market thanks to the signature of an agreement with Spanish security VAD Ingecom, which covers the three countries where the distributor has presence: Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The ZeroFOX SaaS platform, with its innovative use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning (Machine Learning), provides users with high fidelity alert activation and remediation services. ZeroFOX has quickly become an essential tool for large organisations, whose business model largely depends on the digital world. The company supports more than 1,000 clients around the world, including organisations in industries such as finance, media, retail, public administration and pharmaceuticals.

Organisations today are rapidly embracing digital transformation and increasing their digital footprint and dependency as a result. This expansion presents new and growing cyber risks to organisations in many industries, risks that ZeroFOX can help mitigate. In a survey conducted by ZeroFOX in 2019 on ‘Digital Threats in Financial Services’ it was revealed that these incidents have increased annually by 56%, even reaching the retail industry (retailers) to suffer more than 6 daily cases of brand abuse.

ZeroFOX, recognised by Forrester Wave as a Leader in Digital Risk Protection for four years, helps organisations stay ahead of these increasingly sophisticated attacks. The SaaS platform can be deployed quickly and efficiently without the need for complex procedures or hours spent on professional services.

Ingecom has a good and consolidated reputation in Spain, Portugal and Italy. With nearly 25 years of experience in developing partner opportunities, the distributor agreement with ZeroFOX further strengthens its security portfolio”, states Bruce Hogg, ZeroFOX Senior Director of International Channel. As part of their alliance, ZeroFOX is committing to a channel-first strategy in southern Europe to cement its presence. “When we decided to fully commit to the channel in Southern Europe, Ingecom was an obvious choice. They easily fit all of our criteria. Additionally, they have a fantastic track record in bringing new technologies to market, helping their network of integrators develop their offerings in line with the changing threat landscape. And finally, they support security manufacturers in growing their businesses. With Ingecom, we know that we are going to have excellent support both commercially, technically and marketing, as well as the ability to reach a group of suitable partners that will support our growth.”

For his part, Javier Modúbar, CEO of Ingecom, points out about the agreement: “with the signing of ZeroFOX we began to include a new generation of manufacturers that are focused on digital cyber intelligence for companies that advance in digital transformation. This transformation is a priority at this time in all types of companies, but it also implies the arrival of new risks that are often not solved by traditional cybersecurity firms. Organisations are realising the risk they take with their exposure in the global digital environment where a comment can lead to large economic and reputational losses, thus requiring DRP (Digital Risk Protection) technology. We believe that ZeroFOX is a born leader in this field, as evidenced by its positioning in the different reports.

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