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ZKTeco Appoints Megatrade for Ukraine

Artem Vizhutkin, Megatrade Development Director
Artem Vizhutkin, Megatrade Development Director

Ukrainian network and telecom VAD Megatrade has become a partner for biometric and RFID vendor ZKTeco. ZKTeco offers a range of products and solutions for security and working time management, traffic control and management, access, fleets, elevators, video surveillance, smart locks and more. Founded in 1998, it is now a leader in the field of hybrid biometric verification technology, introduces innovations during development and production. The company holds a significant number of patents and registered intellectual property rights.

Recently, there has been a growing demand for identification tools around the world, and solutions for professional services are migrating into everyday life. In the current conditions, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, the line of contactless identification tools is especially relevant”, said Artem Vizhutkin, Megatrade Development Director. The SpeedFace-V5L series for example, in addition to best of class features such as face recognition, palm identification, built-in memory for 3,000 patterns and extreme speed, has new important functions: detection of fever and identification of persons in masks.

ZKTeco biometric verification technologies are used in smart offices, smart finances, smart traffic, reasonable security, etc.

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